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We strive to keep our gym high energy and friendly. We aren’t a big box gym, and that’s not what we’re going for. We want our space to feel comfortable and unique.

This isn’t a space to come to see and be seen. This is a place to come to unwind and de-stress after a long day. Say ‘Hi’ to our friendly staff, or just put your head down and get Pure Tough if that’s more of your style.


Our space punches above its weight: packed with features, flexible, and able to change based on your needs.  Our gym can be separated out into three spaces:

Weight Lifting (free-weight and machine-assisted), Cardio, and a mat covered Open Gym.

Come by and pump iron with our Free Weights, get your heart rate up on our Cardio equipment, practice martial arts on our mats, or practice your boxing/kickboxing on our bags!

We like to be low-key. With your key-tag, you will have access to our gym 7 days per week and any time between 4:30AM and 11:00PM. You’re free to come and go as you please! Members of our team hop in and out throughout the day.

Our Space

Weight Training

We have a wide selection of free weights and machine assisted equipment available.


Get your heart rate up on our rowing machines, ellipticals, our ski machine, exercise bikes, and our versatile skill mills.

open gym

We dedicate floor space to an open gym. We have plush mats, creating an ideal area for stretching, practicing martial arts, or striking our bags.