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Who Are We?

We’re a neighborhood gym located right in the heart of Miramar Town Centre.

We’re not a corporate big box gym, and we’re not trying to be one.

We strive to help you be your best self.

We strive to make you feel Pure Tough.

Forming a Community

We’re proud of our community, family friendly feel.

Pure Tough is a safe place where you can train, de-stress, and achieve your fitness goals with other like-minded individuals.

We would love you to join our gym, but most importantly we want you to join our community.

What is Pure Tough?

Pure Tough isn’t about being the biggest, baddest person in the gym.
Pure Tough is about mental toughness, strength of body and spirit, and resilience.
Pure Tough is different for everyone. We want you to become Pure Tough with us.

Any questions?