Meet Our Team

Meet our friendly and experienced team of
Personal Trainers and Class Instructors
We strive to do our best
So you can become your best

Shelley Gilmartin

Shelley owns and runs Pure Tough.

The gym was originally her husband Matthew’s – but after he passed away suddenly in mid-2019, she decided to take on his dream and do her best to keep the gym running as Matthew would have.

She is happy and grateful to be supported by a fantastic team, along with Pure Tough gym members – everyone has shown amazing support and compassion.

Thomas Russell

Thomas has more than 10 years in the health and fitness industry,and specialises in weight loss, fitness, group training and rehab, as well as sports-specific training.

He’s a pro boxer, with 10 years boxing experience, and has played at the highest levels in rugby including the Wellington Rugby Sevens and the Tongan International Sevens.

Thomas trains hard and really pushes his clients to achieve their best. He’s fantastic at what he does and his clients love him!


Linda Calvert

Linda specialises in boxing, weightlifting and HIIT, as well as nutrition and weight loss. She’s available to train clients individually or in couples.

Linda knows what it’s like to train hard, and loves to box, run and surf in her spare time. She’s passionate about helping people make positive changes in their lives.


Conal Casey-Potter

Conal specialises in strength, rehab and sports-specific training. Currently studying a Bachelor of Health Science, majoring in Sport and Exercise at Massey University, Conal looked actively to apply his knowledge by training and supporting others.

Conal has a 10 year-old passion for the Barbell and a life-long fascination with Martial Arts. He is a Black Belt (12th level) in Vinh Xuan Quyen (Vietnamese Wing Chun) and is a practitioner of Jiujitsu and Muay Thai.

Contact Conal if you are after one-on-one or group training sessions, technique workshops or personalised training programmes.

Gerard O'Brien

Gerard has been working as a PT and a CrossFit coach on Wellington’s South Coast since moving here in 2011, including owning his own gym for a number of years. Recently he’s been coaching in Abu Dhabi and doing a bit of world exploration, returning to work in Miramar this year.

Gerard’s personal sporting background is in martial arts, with a speckling of running – but with further study he has developed an interest in weightlifting, gymnastics and CrossFit. His focus is helping clients to build healthy and strong bodies that allow them to experience all the adventures that family life and NZ outdoors have to offer.

Training sessions with Gerard involve a bit of laughter, lots of smiles and a decent amount of hard work – hard work that’s backed up with plenty of experience to ensure results and get his clients outside of the gym and enjoying life.


Jill Lister-Martin

Many of you already know Jill as the Strong (HITT) and Zumba instructor at Pure Tough.

She is also a personal trainer and nutrition coach. Through her site she has been helping clients create a healthy lifestyle they are proud of.

She is also an accredited pre and postnatal fitness trainer, and focuses her work around making life long positive changes.

Adrian Owen

Adrian is a weight-loss, nutrition and fitness specialist.

He runs a 12-week onsite programme at Pure Tough, as well as an online programme that has been taken up by people from all over the world.

Having lost 75 kilograms himself, and then going on to win the Novice category at Wellington’s bodybuilding championships, Adrian knows what it takes to turn your life around.

Find out more about Adrian at